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Reviews section

Latest update : 9 March.

The section brings together reviews of books, films and other cultural artefacts that International Viewpoint thinks will be of interest to its readers.


[2The Guardian July 25. The ‘longest recession for 100 years’ tag was used by the Daily Mail (May 9 - then reporting that it was ‘about’ to be over).

[3Thomas Piketty, Le capital au XXIe siècle, Le Seuil, 2013, 970 pp. (Capital in the Twenty-First Century, Harvard University Press, 2014 996 pp. As the English version is not yet available, we have translated the citations ourselves from the French.) Several interesting reviews of this major work have already been published. Therefore, I will not cover a whole series of points analysed in those reviews, preferring instead to begin with some practical information. Among the reviews already published, see: 1. "Réflexions sur « Le capital au XXIe siècle » de Thomas Piketty" (in French—“Reflections on Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century”) by François Chesnais in the journal Les Possibles published by ATTAC France (and "Éléments de réponses à François Chesnais" (in French—“A response to François Chesnais” by Thomas Piketty; 2. Jean-Paul Petit in the journal Inprecor:; 3. Robert Boyer:; 4...