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Demonstration more or less banned

Tuesday 28 June 2016, by NPA

The protest movement against the proposed labour law (known by the name of the labour minister El Khomri) has been underway since 9 March of this year. The SP government is trying hard to snuff it out. Last week the Paris demonstration called by the coordinating committee of 9 trade-union confederations, federations, and unions (the Intersyndical) was first banned and then allowed to demonstrate around the pleasure port le bassin de l’Arsenal at the Place de la Bastille. On 28 June a demonstration was authorised over a sightly longer itinerary, from Place de la Bastille to Place d’Italie. The NPA issued this statement during the afternoon.

The Bastille-Place d’Italie demonstration which was finally allowed, is in fact almost banned. A huge police blocked presence has blocked everywhere, preventing many demonstrators from entering the authorized route by long searches, and blocking the cars bringing the necessary material for the demonstration such as flags, stickers, leaflets. All metro stations on the route are closed. At the same time the police has surrounded the Labour Exchange at Place de la République preventing 200 people at a cross-sectoral General Assembly from joining the march.

The NPA protests against such repressive behavior that even the rightwing in government did not dare implement, and demands the immediate lifting of all obstacles blocking the inalienable right to protest in the street.


28 June 2016