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The revolutionaries of the city of Douma stand with the oppressed against all forms of extremism, terrorism and aggression, solidarity with Paris

Sunday 15 November 2015

From the city of Douma that suffered terrorisms from all shades, a siege, death and genocide, the revolutionaries of Douma stand with the oppressed against all forms of extremisms, terrorism and aggression

We are free humans and we will stay free humans wherever we stand


A Letter of Condolence From the People of Douma to the People of France and to the French Government


Douma City, Damascus countryside

First of all, we would like to express our sincere condolences to all families that have lost family members. we, the civilians of Douma city and living under the siege opposed by Assad Regime, condemn the terrorist attack that hit France yesterday. We condemn strongly targeting civilians in France or in any other countries either by Daech or by other terrorist groups as well as state terrorism carried out by some governments. We would like to remind you that we ,in Douma, have lived and suffered, the organized terrorism of Assad Regime for five years now. Our children have sometimes turned into pieces due to Regime bombs and so have some women and old men. As civilians living in a besieged area and facing a genocide just because we asked for freedom, democracy and to put an end to authoritarianism, we are reaching out firstly to the people of France, and to all peoples who ask for peace and freedom so that we can help each other to put an end to Assad Regime, the cause of the terrorism arising in our country and in this world. We hope that we could help each other to make our World safer and more civilized.

Source Syria Freedom Forever.