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With the Greek people, for a change in Europe - a call

Saturday 24 January 2015

This call With the Greek people, for a change in Europe – A call launched in the Spanish State and which has been signed by thousands of people on line is winning support in other countries. New signatures are added as they arrive.

Daniel Tanuro, ecosocialist author and activist, Belgium

Thomas Weyts, SAP-LCR, Belgium

Terry Conway, International Viewpoint editorial board, Britain

Ken Loach, film-maker, Britain

John McDonnell, MP, Britain

Paul Mackney, Greece Solidarity Campaign, Britain

Michael Voss, member of RGA leadership, Denmark

Jan Malewski, editor of Inprecor, France

Noël Mamère, MP, former leader of Greens (EELV), France

Pierre Rousset, Europe solidaire sans frontières (ESSF), France

François Sabado, Bureau Fourth International, France

Klaus Engert, medical practitioner and activist, Germany

Michael Aggelidis, member of Landesvorstand (the leadership) of Die Linke.NRW responsable for energy and European politics, one of the speakers of SYRIZA Germany

Angela Klein, editor of Sozialistische Zeitung (SoZ) and isl, Germany

Paul B. Kleiser, author of a book on Greece, member of isl, Germany
Eliana Como, trade-unionist CGIL, Italy

Nadia Demond, Communia Network, Italy

Piero Maestri, Communia Network, Italy

Gigi Malabarba, Communia Network, Italy

Franco Turigliatto, Sinistra Anticapitalista, Italy

Alex De Jong, Co-Director International Institute for Reearch and Education, Netherlands

Maral Jefroudi, Co-Director International Institute for Reearch and Education, Netherlands

Katarzyna Bielinska-Kowalewska, philosopher, Poland

Zbigniew Marcin Kowalewski, researcher and editor, Poland

Jorge Costa, Journalist, member of Bloco de Esquerda leadership, Portugal

Alsa Sousa, university teacher, former BE MEP, Portugal

Xosé Manuel Beiras, member of ANOVA and MP of the Parliament of Galicia, Spanish state

Teresa Rodriguez MEP Podemos, Spanish state

Alberto San Juan, actor, Spanish state

Lola Sanchez, MEP Podemos, Spanish state

Miguel Urban, member of Podemos, Spanish state

Jean Batou, professor of modern history at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Paolo Gilardi, national leadership of public services union (Syndicat des services publics), Switzerland