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Baba Jan released from jail!

Monday 17 September 2012, by Farooq Tariq

Good news from Gilgit. We just got the confirmed reports that Baba Jan, federal youth secretary Labour Party Pakistan and chief organiser Progressive Youth Front Gilgit, has been released after nearly a year in jail. His bail was accepted on Saturday in the last of the cases registered against him.

He was warmly welcomed outside the jail gates by the supporters and members of LPP, who raised slogans like Baba Jan Zinda Bad, Long Live struggle of the people, Long live international solidarity,

Last week, Pakistan senate committee on human rights called the chief secretary of Gilgit to explain why Baba Jan was tortured and kept in jail. The chief secretary was rebuffed by Afrasayab Khatak, chairman of the senate committee, when he termed Baba Jan as an anti state activist. Afrasayab Khatak told him to stop telling bull shit to him, he told the chief secretary, the top bureaucrat of Gilgit Beltistan that he has heard a lot of these allegations and he was hiself declared at one time as anti state, he was asked to bring documentary proves of his allegations.

Within few days, Baba Jan got the bail.

It was a consistent campaign for his release inside Pakistan and outside that the government and the courts had to retreat on Baba Jan issue. Never ever, there were demonstrations and actions in 22 countries for any political activists of Gilgit Beltistan. Never ever, over 50 demonstrations and rallies were taken out inside Pakistan. He was declared political prisoner by several international organisations including Human Rights Commission of Pakistan.

Baba literary mean an old man, But Baba Jan is only 32 years old, an activist with tremendous ability of mobilisation, he became a working class hero in most of the valley and was the most known political activist of Gilgit Beltistan all over Pakistan and internationally.

Thank you all, Thank you for your consistent support. His release is the best manifestation of international solidarity.