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Spanish state

Anti-capitalists approve electoral programme

Thursday 3 November 2011

This is the programme under which anti-capitalists in the Spanish State are standing in the General Election taking place on November 20.

- Retirement at age 60, non-payment of the illegitimate debt, suppression of the Temporary Employment Agency, taxes on large fortunes, no to GMOs, suspension of evictions, for a public EFE agency.

- Free contraception, an end to discrimination against transsexuals, queers and intersex persons, for a secular state and the removal of public funding for religious denominations.

- Nationalization of banks under social control, a ban on layoffs by profitable companies, less work to create work for all, a 35-hour working day and the suppression of the Temporary Employment Agency and placement agencies that traffic in the labour force.

These are some of the proposals adopted at the Anti-capitalist Programmatic Conference held on October 29th in Madrid.

The Assembly — which was held under the slogan “Ideas for disobeying” — also approved the inclusion in the agenda of the demand for a “citizens’ audit of the private and public debt” and supported the breaking of the Euro Pact and repeal of the proposed constitutional reform. On large fortunes, the Anticapitalistas demand the creation of a tax and increased control of SICAVs to prevent capital flight. With regard to a sustainable social and economic model, replacing oil, gas, coal and nuclear power by clean and renewable energy sources democratically managed by society.

They reject GMOs and genetically modified crops and opt for a public, secular and democratic education for all. They demand the repeal of the LOU and the freezing of the 2015 University strategy.

The anti-capitalists call for a legal framework guaranteeing the independence of the EFE agency and sufficient funding to fulfil its public service work. "We want EFE to remain a public agency for all".

In terms of sexual liberation and personal rights, Anticapitalistas demand a “sexual and affective education at all levels of education” and the “absolute depatholigization of transsexuality.” "We are opposed to any kind of social or employment discrimination against gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex people”. "We are committed to a secular state and eliminating public funding of religious faiths and their corresponding associations".

The Anti-capitalists demand "a radical, republican, participatory and deliberative democracy". "Reform of the electoral law and against the professionalization of politics." "We demand the repeal of anti-terrorism legislation, the law on parties and the dissolution of the National Court."

The electoral program of the Anticapitalistas demands the repeal of the Amnesty Act of 1977 and a new law on historical memory. “We call for the recognition of the right of self-determination, including independence, to the peoples of the Spanish State. For the abolition of the foreign debt and the ecological debt. Withdrawal of Spanish troops from Lebanon, Afghanistan, Libya and active boycott and the ending of agreements and relations with Israel".

The Programmatic Conference of the Anticapitalistas ended with a participatory process involving use of the anticapitalist wiki network, hosted at

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for November 20th