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Full support for the Libyan people’s resistance! Down with Gaddafi! No to imperialist intervention!

Statement by the PSol

Wednesday 23 March 2011, by PSol

The dictator Gaddafi is resisting the heroic rebellious struggle of the people with bombs, bullets and mercenaries. His past confrontations with imperialism are nothing but ancient history. Almost 20 years ago Khadafi became a staunch ally of the interests of multinational oil companies, U.S. and European imperialism. His dictatorship prohibits the organisation of political parties, trade unions and students movements, with prison and torture for anyone who tries to express disagreement.

 As part of the wave of insurrections in North Africa, in which the peoples of Egypt and Tunisia managed to overthrow their pro-imperialist dictators Mubarak and Ben Ali, the people of Libya rose up against the cruel dictator Khadafi and in a matter of a few weeks liberated cities as large sectors of the population joined the fight against the dictator.

The PSOL expresses its full solidarity with the Libyan people and its complete support for their brave resistance in their attempt to defeat the genocidal dictator Khadafi. In this sense, every possible effort must be made to provide material and political solidarity to ensure the victory of the Libyan resistance.

However, we must be aware that imperialism, with its attitude of hypocricy, is not acting to defend the resistance. The U.S. and European policy is not about helping the Libyan people in their fight to overthrow Khadafi. Their decision to intervene through the means of the no-fly zone - as Khadafi advanced on the positions held by the rebel forces - was intended to increase their capacity to influence the political resolution of the crisis by agreeing a new government that will keep intact imperialist interests in the region, thereby serving as a basis for recovery according to the interests of the intervening powers.

Therefore, PSOL calls for support for the Libyan people’s resistance! Down with Gaddafi! No to imperialist intervention!

Sao Paulo, March 19, PSOL Executive Committee