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Latin America: a continent in revolt

Socialist Resistance Dayschool

Saturday 20 May 2006, by Socialist Resistance

Saturday 24 June, Celia Hart, Michael Löwy and Zbigniew Kowalewski will be the main speakers in London at a Socialist Resistance Dayschool analysing events in Latin America today. Further details from Socialist Resistance.

Celia Hart is the daughter of two historic leaders of the Cuban Revolution, Armando Hart and the late Haydée Santamaria. A physicist, writer and member of the Cuban Communist Party, she describes herself as a “freelance Trotskyist”. She has published many articles on Trotsky and on the Permanent Revolution.

Michael Löwy was born in Brazil and is Research Director in Sociology at the CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research) in Paris. His many books include: The Marxism of Che Guevara; Marxism and Liberation Theology; Fatherland or Mother Earth? and The War of Gods: Religion and Politics in Latin America.

Zbigniew Kowalewski is a Polish Marxist who has lived in Cuba and has written extensively on Latin American politics. He was a leader of Solidarnosc in the Lodz region (1980-1) and is a member of the Fourth International.

The Dayschool will look at Latin America today and the new challenges set by the new struggles; learning from history it will examine the Cuban and Nicaraguan revolutions and the Chilean experience; and looking forward it will consider strategic questions of permanent revolution, democracy and the state, and the role of parties and social movements.
More details, and how to register for this important discussion at Socialist Resistance.